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Update of Annual Borrowing Plan 2018

The Treasury has published an update of the Annual Borrowing Plan for 2018. The issuance of Malta Government Securities and Debt Instruments with maturity of more than one year for the financial year 2018 was revised downwards by €50 million from the amount originally announced in the Annual Borrowing Plan published on 30th January 2018.  The revised amount is set to a maximum of €300 million as opposed to €350 million. 

The update stated that the Treasury Department plans to complete the financing programme for 2018 over two to three issues of Malta Government Stocks (“MGS”), which will be a mix of short and medium to long-term MGS. Details of the bond issue will be announced one to two weeks prior to each issue.

No changes have been made to the frequency of issuance and maturity of Treasury Bills announced in the Annual Borrowing Plan of January 2018 will be maintained.

Full press release of update of Annual Borrowing plan 2018