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6PM Holdings plc: Company Profile

6PM was founded in 1996 and 6PM Limited was registered in 2001.  6PM Management Consultancy (UK) Ltd was set up 5 years later in the United Kingdom. The two companies were brought together under 6PM Holdings in 2007. 6PM Holdings plc was listed on the Malta Stock Exchange in September of 2007.

During 2015, 6PM acquired Blithe Computer Systems a market leading supplier of IT solutions to both the Sexual Health and Substance Misuse sectors.

Idox acquired 6PM in February of 2017 and today is known as Idox Health. Idox Health is present in Malta, UK, Ireland and Macedonia.

Shareholders in excess of 5%
Vassallo Buiders Group Limited 18.60%
Charts Limited 30.72%
Ivan Bartolo 17.36%
SIX-pm Health Soutions 70.00%
6PM Ltd 99.90%

6PM Management Consultancy (UK) Ltd

6PM Nearshore DOOEL 100.00%
Compunet Ltd 100.00%
6PM Agencies Ltd 100.00%
Agilis6 Ltd 100.00%
Blithe Cumputer Systems Limited 100.00%
emCare360 Ltd 50.00%
Makeezi Ltd 42.90%
emCar Group Malta Limited 50% (sub associate)
Chairman Andrew Wiley
Company Secretary Ivan Gatt
Year End 31st December
Listed on MSE 24th September 2007
MSE Symbol 6PM
Bloomberg code 6PM MV EQUITY