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New Bond Issue

New Issue : Tumas Investments plc 3.75% Unsecured Bonds 2027

This issue has been oversubscribed and the Intermediaries' offer will not take place.

Maturity 10th July 2027
Coupon 3.75%
Price €100
Coupon Frequency Annual
Yield 3.75%
Rank Unsecured
Guarantee Guaranteed by Spinola Development Company
Amount Issued €25 million

Use of proceeds:

The proceeds of the €25 million Bond Issue will be used to redeem the outstanding amount of the €25 million 6.2% 2017 – 2020 Bond.

Application Procedure

The Bond Issue is open for subscription:

- To maturing bondholders up to the amount of the maturing bonds;

- To maturing bondholders in respect of any amount of additional bonds applied for exceeding in value the aggregate  nominal value of maturing bonds held; and

- Through an Intermediaries’ offer in respect of any balance of bonds not subscribed for by maturing bondholders.

The Bonds will be issued in multiples of €100. The minimum subscription amount of Bonds that can be subscribed for by applicants is €2,000.  

Should you be interested in participating, kindly contact Ms Emanda Spiteri Lucas or Ms Mariella Mifsud on 21347331.