Curmi & Partners

Corporate Finance & Advisory

At Curmi and Partners we use the experience we have gained and the skills we have in order to help managers take actions to increase the value of the firm to the shareholders, as well as tools and analysis we tailor to help allocate financial resources. Our investment expertise in local and foreign financial markets has been vital in developing the skills required to offer Corporate Finance services to our institutional clients. We recognise and understand each company has its own financing profile. We therefore provide the appropriate customised formula. Furthermore, we have built distribution networks to achieve this, should institutional clients need aid to raise capital locally or abroad.

Curmi & Partners Ltd. focuses on providing services that are structured to fit each client's requirements. The following services that we offer keep this central strategy in mind and enable clients to benefit from the extensive independent research that our analysts provide.  Our approach to investment management is primarily based on discipline, structure and analysis. Our investment ideas and portfolio structures, specifically developed for our clients, are the result of innovative thinking and thorough research which have successfully addressed diverse investment mandates. Our wealth management offering includes Discretionary & Advisory Services as well as Treasury Management.

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External Investment Advisory Services

Our technical staff are members of dozens of investment committees and regulatory boards, which clears our clients’ paths to local and international financial markets.